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Bethel Deaf


Reverend James A. Bryan, Ordained Pastor

Rev. James graduated from Gravette High School, Gravette, Arkansas in 2001. He became member of Bethel. Deaf Fellowship by statement in 2011. He was ordained into the ministry in 2014. He is bi-vocational pastor which he also works at United Parcel Service every morning.

Priscilla Scanlan-Clerk,  Church Founder and Substitute Voice Interpreter

Priscilla founded Bethel Deaf Fellowship and became member during the opening day in 2003. Priscilla voice translate for our pastor when our interpreter is not available.

NeCol Whitehead-Prayer Wall Director and ASL/Voice Church Interpreter

NeCol join Bethel Deaf Fellowship in 2014. She has been translating ASL to voice for our pastor. Also she interprets for Bethel Deaf Fellowship. She loves to sign worship song during the service.

Tony Bradford, Finance Chairperson

Tony joined Bethel Deaf Fellowship by Baptism in 2005

Kristin Bradford-Fund Raiser Chairperson

Kristin is Tony's wife. She joined Bethel Deaf Fellowship by Baptism in 2009.

Saundra Smith-Secretary, Children/Nursery Director

Saundra joined Bethel Deaf Fellowship by statement in 2011.